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A/C installation and repair For residential homes and light commercial buildings. We have installed over 28 new A/C units in a month for a building contractor.

Design A/C ductwork by performing a manual J in every room to determine the total CFM required per room. This allows for accurate sizing of Ductwork and A/C equipment.

Energy Calculations/Energy Rating - We are certified in the US to perform onsite energy audits.

Air Quality Checks - By checking air quality and blower door test, we can determine if you have the proper air exchange per hour and also determine if there are any impurities in the air by taking air samples. These air samples can check for things like carbon monoxide and CO2. We can analyze this data and create a report that will tell the owner of the home if there is enough air exchange in the home which is essential for a healthy environment. These tests are perfect for people with allergies or asthma and can identify problems such as mold and odors in the home.

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 A-Z. has over 30 years experience servicing and installing A/C units

 A-Z. is right on the leading edge of technology for more efficient homes and higher quality of air.

 Experience as a Certified building Contractor, Certified Energy Rater

 One of the most qualified and knowledgeable A/C companies in Central