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Bevel: Federal Tax Credit Up To $1500 Rebate 
Bevel: Federal Tax Credit Up To $1500 Rebate

New A/C installations

· Commercial & Residential A/C units 

· Over 30 years experience

· We Calculate the proper unit size and duct work for your new installation.

· We install the mayor brand names.

· One year Installation warranty

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A/C Replacements

· New Air Conditioning equipment have gotten substantially more efficient.

· You may be eligible for a federal tax credit and discounts up to $2,000.

· Replacing an older unit combined with repairing leaky ductwork can use 70% less electricity.

· These savings, plus the efficiency and reliability of newer equipment will pay for itself in the long run.

· We install energy efficient unit by major models such as Trane, Amana, Rheem and Goodman.

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Finding duct leaks

· Another service we offer is finding A/C duct leaks.

· Performing a blower door test combined with a duct blaster test to determine the area that is leaking.

· An infrared camera is used to pinpoint all leaks.

· Call us to learn more and schedule a free estimate!


Professional Energy Ratings - Go green!! 

· We work identifying the Energy Efficiency improvements needed to obtain the highest ENERGY STAR rating possible. 

· We do onsite inspections which generates the HERS index score for the home. 

· The ultimate goal is to use less energy and benefit the homeowner by saving money on energy bills. 

A/C repair

· Is your air not cooling properly?

· Does it seem that your rooms are not comfortable?

· We can help maintain and repair your existing A/C unit by performing maintenance checks on your unit and repairing any problems that may occur.

· Maintenance checks can save energy and prevent unit failures.

· Give us a call and schedule a free estimate!


Air quality Test

· Homeowners today are increasingly concerned about the indoor air quality.

· Install and adjust ERV to exchange proper air in house.

· Add a UV Light in your evaporated coil to eliminate bacterial grown.

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Zone System Installation

· Install Zone system at home, helps to manage the air distribution in house increasing efficiency and humidity level on your air condition and heating system.

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Consulting in A/C Systems and

(Energy Efficient Homes)

· Make your house Energy efficient

· Save Energy.

· Save Money.

· Get Healthy.

· Breath healthy.

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Our Services

· A-Z has a wide variety of services for Energy Rating & Air Conditioning. 

· New A/C installations and A/C repairs to finding duct leaks

· Certified Energy ratings in your home.