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General Information


Blueprint Submittal Instructions - These are instructions on how to submit blueprints for estimates. If we can get the blueprints in this format, it speeds up the process and helps get a more accurate estimate.


Format of Specifications - These are instructions for how to provide exact specifications to us for accurate estimates in designing your system.


Things needed to do Energy Calculations

Manual J  & Computer generated Duct design

This is a most:

1. Builders name

2. Job Name

3. Job address

4. Contact phone number

5. Email address

6. Full set of blueprints


Things needed for Blue print:

1. Site plan showing orientation of house

2. Exterior elevation and interior wall section details

3. AutoCAD 2000

4. Floor Plan


Material used in construction

1. Insulation type ( Location and R-Value for ceiling walls and floors)

2. Windows, need Solar Heat Gain and U-Value

3. Doors Material and construction type (metal, fiber glass, wood)

4. French doors ( Solar Heat gain and U-Value)

5. Air conditioning type and efficiency ( SEER, HFPF)

6. Water Heater type and Efficiency (Electric, Gas, Solar or Heat Pump)

7. Fire Places ( How many and type)




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