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A/C Replacement - New Air Conditioning equipment have gotten substantially more efficient than older A/C units. Replacing an older unit combined with repairing leaky ductwork can use 70% less electricity than your existing A/C unit. These savings, plus the efficiency and reliability of newer equipment will pay for itself in the long run. Learn more about this service...

Bevel: Tax Credit information, Up To $1500 Rebate on some High Efficiency Heating & Cooling Models.

Air quality Test

Homeowners today are increasingly concerned about the indoor air quality.

Install and adjust ERV to exchange proper air in house.

Add a UV Light in your evaporated coil to eliminate bacterial grown.

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Zone System Installation

Install Zone system at home, helps to manage the air distribution in house increasing efficiency and humidity level on your air condition and heating system.

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Consulting in A/C Systems and

(Energy Efficient Homes)

Make your house Energy efficient

Save Energy.

Save Money.

Get Healthy.

Breath healthy.

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Energy Rating - Go Green! A-Z Heating and A/C works with builders to identify the energy efficiency improvements needed to obtain the highest ENERGY STAR rating possible. We do this by conducting onsite inspections which generates the HERS index score for the home. The ultimate goal is to use less energy and benefit the homeowner by saving money on energy bills. Learn more about this service...