ERV System

Why an ERV system?


· Redefining indoor air quality

· ERV will help reducing your energy bill

· Reduce your indoor humidity

· Improve the air quality in the house

· Reduce fungus in walls, ceiling and floors

· Maintain proper building pressure


Control Your Indoor Air Quality


Insulate our homes make them airtight, The result is our

Homes are more economical to heat and cool because heat

losses and infiltrations are reduced. The consequence is that everything produced inside the home remains inside and accumulates. Resulting in deterioration of indoor air quality. More and more illness are associated with poor indoor air quality. We have only to think of the growing number of asthma and allergy cases.

The air we breath is contaminated bay all types of gases, dust and bacteria. In addition, we consume oxygen and produce gases and humidity, while not renewing the oxygen consumed.


Energy Recovery Ventilators


Energy recovery has become essential today, given constantly  rising costs and public awareness of our non renewable resources. Energy Recovery systems have been designed to recover the energy contained in exhaust air.

Thanks to a balanced air-flow exchange system, the energy from contaminated exhaust air passes through the recovery core, and fresh air enters through others cells absorbing that energy without mixing with the exhaust air. So you benefit from healthy fresh air while you save on heating or air conditioning costs.


How does ERV work?


ERV uses separate motors to exhaust stale ambient air and to introduce fresh outdoor air. The technology of a plate energy recovery core is it transfers latent energy (humidity) from one air stream to the other air without mixing the air streams for maximum efficiency and comfort.

Application ideal for warm humid climates.


Some added benefits


· Eliminate motor exhaust fan in Bathrooms so you can also eliminate Bathroom fan noise



“For the ultimate system the ERV is the most efficient equipment that you can use to improve air quality in a home”

Arnold Zapatero.

Designer system & Currently user

ERV Seller an Installer  for over 10 years in Central Florida




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