What is HERS?


HERS (Home Energy Rating System), Basically is an evaluation of a home’s energy efficiency. compared to a computer-simulated reference house of identical size and shape as the rated home that meets minimum requirements of the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC). HERS rating provide a relative energy use index (HERS Index), where 100 represents the energy use of the American Standard Building and 0 the proposed building uses no net purchased energy.

Home Energy Ratings

As a homeowner...  Why do I need HERS?


1. An energy efficient home provides lifelong savings.

2. Helps you to qualify for a more favorable home mortgage

3. Accurately determining the relative energy efficiency

4. Can increase the equity of your house

5. Know how you can improve and get higher quality and more comfortable your home

6. Helps you identifying the energy loses

7. Can save you thousands of dollars in costs for your home

8. Lowering your home’s energy consumption and operating costs.

9. Can prioritize the most cost-effective improvements.

Is any difference between energy Rating and Energy Audit?


A home energy rating differs from an energy audit. There is also a distinction between home energy raters and energy auditors. You can perform an energy audit or hire an inspector to evaluate the energy efficiency of your home. Home energy ratings are more comprehensive and standardized so the results are recognized by appraisers, lenders and both state and federal government energy programs.

How is performed a Home Energy Rating?


At home, the Energy Rater will perform an on-site inspection

1. Checking building elements

2. Check insulation levels (wood, Block or others)

3. Check window efficiency (Material, Glass filter, U factor, etc..)

4. Check the Solar orientation of the house ( If is facing N, S, E, W )

5. Check the efficiency of the HVAC

6. Blower door test (test the leakiness of the house)

7. Check the ductwork (test the leakiness of the ducts)

8. Test the quality air


At the office:


1. Make the analysis of the inspection

2. Run a computer simulation software

3. Based on the results, generate the rating and score.




What will the house rated receive?


A rating certificate…..

The home receives a score between 1 and 100 and a ranging from 1 to 5, with 5 stars for a highly efficient home.

The rating certificate estimates current costs for heating, cooling, hot water, lights and appliances, respectively.

The rating certificate lists existing conditions  and recommended improvements.

The rating certificate project savings per year.













Finding a Home Energy Rater


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As a buyer...  Why do I need HERS?


1. ENERGY STAR® qualified homes are at least 30% more energy-efficient than homes built to the national energy code.

2. Lower utility costs

3. More comfortable and quieter homes

4. Create a better future

5. Can access energy efficient financing programs

6. Gift better air quality to your family.

7. You can put your monthly energy savings to work for you.

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